Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Asphalt Jungle

The Asphalt Jungle (John 
Huston, 1950)

Mix a criminal mastermind, tough-guys, 
and double-crossing suicide. Hardboil to 
urban decay. Greasy Emmerich swindling 
hooligan-employees. Soft-boiled Marilyn 
knowing she’ll soon have it all. But, 
Sterling, keep your eyes on the recipe. 
Farm-hands have problems of their own. 
Down Mexico way, Maddow typed while Huston 
strutted. Which begs the question: is this 
the state of things or capitalism on its 
uppers? Goutez-vous. Can crime exist in a 
culture based on theft? Poor Dix, dying 
alongside a disinterested horse, who, unlike 
Mr Ed, or drugged mule Frances, hasn’t 
sufficient chops to tell it like it is.

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