Friday, September 07, 2012

What Is Noir?

What is Noir?

Is more than darkness. Is
corruption of the heart, behind
closed doors, boardroom or
street. Is fucked whether
you do, don’t, sing, moan, sniff or
shoot. Is a ticket to all we have, never
enough. Is greed, lust, fatal kiss,
the banker inside you screaming for
mercy. Is a dream of autonomy, femme
fatality, breathing, “hey, baby, take
it,” a corpse, a handful of dust and
who cares, if the only punishment
Is death.


fragments of noir said...

Superb stuff Woody..... As accurate as it gets........Tell me what you think of my Fragments of Noir blog Cheers Alan

Woody Haut said...

Fragments of Noir: a great site. I think we're definitely on the same wavelength here.