Friday, October 09, 2009

I-Pod Shuffle

The last ten tracks of the day:

1 Dock Boggs, Danville Girl

2 Moon Mulligan, Give Me My Dime Back

3 Billie Holliday and Lester Young, The Man I Love

4 Lightnin' Hopkins, Don't Think Because You're Pretty

5 Lennie Tristano, Line Up

6 Little Walter, Mercy Baby

7 Bob Dylan, Cry a While

8 Rainer Ptacek, Time Slips Away

9 Mose Allison, That's All Right

10 Serge Chaloff, I've Got the World On a String

Also, anyone care to offer their opinion on a piece of music that best personifies noir. My vote goes to Frank Honeyboy Patt's Bloodstains on the Wall: "Sheets and pillows torn to pieces, bloodstains all over the wall/I know when I went out this morning, I didn't leave the phone out in the hall." Then, "Better come clean baby, I soon will find out/the detectives will be hanging around my door, they want to know what it's all about/Tell me baby what's those bloodstains on the wall/I know there weren't any there this morning/Didn't leave the phone out in the hall..." Though those latter lyrics come from Lazy Lester's version, slightly more comprehensible than Honeyboy's (who, I think, sings "I wasn't injured this morning" rather than "when I went out this morning"), though not nearly so intense.

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