Friday, June 02, 2006

Highly recommended: Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s current Rolling Stone article, “Was the 2004 Election Stolen?”


Just as many of us have been saying for the last eighteen months, the 2004 election was stolen. Furthermore, it was orchestrated to such an extent that it makes Florida 2000 look like an amateur operation. In other words, what was probably a contingency plan in 2000 turned into an election strategy in 2004. One only hopes the Republicans lose both houses in the November mid-term elections so that the culprits can be put behind bars. Though of course that is a bit much to ask. Particularly given that most Democrat politicians are too worried about their own images and political funding to do anything about it. Nevertheless, read this, because Kennedy puts all together, with sources, charts and enough information to convince even the most sceptical.

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Bill Peschel said...

And if you're willing to read the counterpoint to this article, that examines Kennedy's charges and debunks then, Salon magazine has the response:

It should be noted that the author that there were problems with the election, but not the ones Kennedy describes.